A Local Workspace to Isolate Risky or Sensitive Activities

Hysolate has reinvented how an isolated virtual environment is instantly deployed on a user’s device and remotely managed from the cloud


Forget Everything You Know About Local Virtual Machines

  • Takes VM-based security to the next level

    • Protected against screen and keystroke capturing
    • Has fine-grained networking, clipboard, and peripheral security controls
    • Has built-in full disk encryption and remote wipe support
  • Simple and Seamless User Experience

    • Implemented as an integrated desktop on the user’s device
    • Automatically redirects apps, websites, and files to the correct zone
    • Supports any user app as-is, including video conferencing
  • Runs locally but managed from the cloud

    • Takes minutes to deploy on endpoints
    • Stays always up-to-date, without building, delivering, or updating OS images
    • Centrally controlled via an enterprise-grade cloud service

Companies Use Hysolate To

  • Isolate Risky Activities

    • Isolate the risk of incoming malware and other malicious content
    • Improve employee productivity with more IT freedom
    • Empower developers with a robust sandboxing environment
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  • Isolate Sensitive Activities

    • Extend “Zero Trust” to the endpoint
    • Isolate access to privileged corporate systems and data
    • Isolate corporate access from 3rd party devices
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Isolate Your Risk by Isolating Your Apps and Data

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  • Management capacity has significantly gone down, and not to mention the initial learning process.

    Cole Holloway

    VP/Information Technology Director, Midwest Independent Bankers Bank (MIB)