The New Secure
Endpoint Architecture

Hyper-isolated environments, on a single endpoint,
managed from the cloud

Hysolate is a software platform that enables locally deploying and remotely managing virtual, secured, environments on a single endpoint, with a unified and seamless user experience. Using Hysolate, organizations can implement strong OS-based isolation to secure corporate access, while unlocking user productivity.

Unlocking Employee Productivity

Allow employees to browse the web, install apps, and download files without compromising corporate security

Securing Corporate Access from BYODs

Enable employees and 3rd parties to securely access corporate applications and data on unmanaged devices

Scaling Secure Admin Workstations (SAW)

Secure privileged user access through a simple-to-deploy and scalable SAW program

Designed for Security

OS-based isolation ensures that whatever happens in one operating system is confined to its own virtual environment and can’t reach or affect sensitive assets outside of it.

Built for Productivity

With Hysolate’s secure endpoint architecture users are free to browse the web without restrictions, install 3rd applications and download 3rd party content without compromising corporate security.

Join the Endpoint Revolution