Endpoint-Centric Web Security

Hysolate delivers web security as part of Perception Point's Advanced Threat Protection suite of products.


Companies use Hysolate to:

Reduce Risk from Mixed Usage on Corporate Devices

How is Hysolate different?

  • Takes VM-based security to the next level

    • Protected against screen and keystroke capturing
    • Has fine-grained networking, clipboard, and peripheral security controls
    • Has built-in full disk encryption and remote wipe support
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  • Simple and Seamless User Experience

    • It’s another Chrome window on the user’s device
    • Automatically redirects apps, websites, and files to the correct zone
    • Supports any web app as-is, without any additional latency
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  • Runs locally but managed from the cloud

    • Takes minutes to deploy on endpoints, no data center costs
    • Stays always up-to-date, without building, delivering, or updating OS images
    • Centrally controlled via an enterprise-grade cloud service
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Management capacity has significantly gone down, and not to mention the initial learning process."

Cole Holloway

VP/Information Technology Director

Midwest Independent Bankers Bank (MIB)

Hysolate has reinvented how organizations can isolate applications and data on users' devices and, by doing so, significantly reduce the risk on the endpoint"

Adm. Michael Rogers

Former Director of the NSA