CyberTech 2019 – Our Take

By Jessica Stanford. February 8, 2019

It’s been a week since Cybertech 2019, and while the event made headlines for some of its famous speakers, most notably Benjamin Netanyahu, it held great importance for Hysolate for many more reasons.

Our co-founder and CEO, Tal Zamir, had the opportunity to speak on a panel with fellow Team 8 co-founders Ofer Israeli, Illusive, and Galina Antova, Claroty. The discussion was lead by Team 8 founder Nadav Zafrir who spoke about the newest innovations in cyber technologies. The house was packed, and having the opportunity to share the Hysolate story with thousands of cyber-minded folks was a humbling one. In fact, shortly after Tal’s talk, our booth was flooded with conference goers seeking to understand more about Hysolate.

“What do you mean you can create a ‘virtual air gap’?”
“How can you have multiple OSes truly secure on the same machine?”
“Isn’t this just VMWare?” (No, it’s completely different.)

The questions were many and varied from hypertechnical to employment inquiries. Throughout the rushes and the downtime, our team made amazing connections with conference attendees, enjoyed facetime with our American colleagues, explored partnerships, and discovered how our platform can increase productivity, protect privileged users, and secure payment systems for numerous companies, local and global alike.

If you didn’t get a chance to say hello at Cybertech and would like to learn more about our platform, click here or say hello to a team member you met at Cybertech? Next up for us? RSA in March! Reach out to us if you’d like a complimentary Expo pass!

About the Author

As Global VP of Marketing, Jessica brings more than a decade of experience to Hysolate. With her in-depth product knowledge, market expertise and passion for cybersecurity, she has a long track record of driving strategic and revenue growth, leading product launches such as RSA’s Authentication Manager and CyberArk’s Privileged Threat Analytics. Most recently, she served as Director of Product Marketing at Cybereason where she was responsible for the full portfolio of product and service offerings. A proud buckeye, Jessica earned her BSBA from The Ohio State University and her MBA from Brandeis University.

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