Endpoint Security Checklist: The Experts Weigh in

Naomi Goldberg
February 10, 2022
Endpoint Protection Checklist

Last month the Hysolate team ran a webinar with security experts Chris Roberts, Diana Kelley and Tal Zamir, discussing the current endpoint situation (no, you cannot protect against every threat), what exactly we mean by endpoints in 2022 (yes, your fridge and your car are also now endpoints) and hard questions to ask endpoint security vendors.

During the discussion the idea was raised of putting together a checklist for your 2022 endpoint solution buying process . Thanks to the collective wisdom of Chris, Diana and Tal, we’ve started that checklist for you.

Endpoint Security Checklist: Getting Started


  • Mapping: Do you know what endpoints exist in your organization that need to be protected? Audit before you start. Can you limit access to endpoints that can be more easily protected?
  • Resources: Is the solution you are investigating the correct one for your company size? Do you have the resources to manage it? There’s no point buying the latest popular endpoint protection solution if it doesn’t work for your company and address your needs.
  • Managed or unmanaged endpoint security solutions: Do you want your vendor to be doing threat hunting in your environment and do you want them to do the detection and response for you? How much automated response do you want to have, from an automatic agent or from a person who’s managing the response? It’s easy to lock everything down, a good security solution allows employees to continue working.
  • Alerts: Do you have the manpower to distinguish between real alerts that you need to take action on, and false alerts that are triggered in the system?
  • Compatibility: Does the solution work with other solutions that are already in your security stack, eg. your current asset management solution, or your SIEM?
  • Vendor over-exaggeration: Is the vendor telling you they can stop all attacks, or that they can help mitigate them? No one solution can stop all attacks, don’t trust a vendor who tells you they can.
  • End users: How much are you relying on your end users to pick up on suspicious signs? Has your team been educated to work as an addition to your security solutions, or are they likely to “just click that link?”
  • User Experience: Does the solution allow your users to do their jobs? When solutions are put in place that block users from doing their jobs, they tend to try to work around it.

Ready to learn more endpoint protection best practices from Chris, Diana and Tal? You can sign up here to watch the recorded webcast, and learn more about the current confusing endpoint security market, educating employees about security and more.


Naomi Goldberg

Naomi Goldberg is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hysolate