Hysolate Wins InfoSec Startup of the Year- Cutting Edge Award

Naomi Goldberg
May 25, 2021
Hysolate Wins InfoSec Startup of the Year

Hysolate is a winner! We are delighted to announce that Hysolate has won the InfoSec Startup of the Year, in the Cutting Edge Category. The Cyber Defense Awards in conjunction with Cyber Defense Magazine announced the winners of the prestigious annual Global Infosec Awards, now in their 9th year, at the RSA Conference 2021.

According to Infosec, “our search focused on startups and early-stage players to find those who could have the potential to stop breaches in a new and innovative way. It, therefore, gives us great pleasure to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of winners, who have unique people, software, hardware, and many cloud-based solutions that might just help you get one step ahead of the next cybersecurity threat.”

Global Infosec Award Winner


The award coincides with the launch of our new free solution, Hysolate Free, a Windows Sandbox on Steroids. With Hysolate Free, now everybody can isolate risky activity.

Why Hysolate?

Hysolate enables organizations to isolate risky or sensitive activities on users’ endpoints with a local workspace that isolates applications and data. Hysolate has reinvented how an isolated virtual environment is instantly deployed on a user’s device and remotely managed from the cloud. With Hysolate you can “split” the user’s device into two isolated environments so users can work freely and be productive without compromising security.

As one of our customers likes to say, Hysolate is a 2021 necessity. Jon Booth, Information Security Administrator at Midwest Banker’s Bank writes about Hysolate “at this point in time, in 2021, it’s a layer of defense that you can’t go without.”

Want to see what all the hype is about? Try Hysolate Free for yourself, or request a demo to learn more about our award winning enterprise solution.


Naomi Goldberg

Naomi Goldberg is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hysolate