Introducing Hysolate Free – Access Anything, Securely

Tal Zamir
May 19, 2021
Taking Windows Sandbox to the Next Level

Even before COVID-19 shut down workplaces globally, there was already a growing trend in work from anywhere for white collar workers at large corporations. In 2020 this process was accelerated, but rather than being a temporary blip, analysts expect workers to continue remotely or with some form of hybrid work schedule for the long term, even in data sensitive industries like finance and insurance.

What type of work is taking place has shifted too. Users are using their devices for corporate tasks, remote communication with team mates, a new set of modern cloud-based collaboration apps, and browsing to personal websites. From our conversations with customers and partners, this mixed usage is a real headache for IT and security teams, because it leads to hours of IT management, whitelisting sites, and extra resources for endpoint security.


If before the pandemic we saw a tendency towards adding more locked down end user devices, reducing security risks but limiting productivity, today companies are looking for the golden path of securing the sensitive, corporate data but at the same time allowing their distributed teams to work freely.

What is Hysolate Workspace?

Last year we launched Hysolate Workspace, an enterprise solution for Windows 10 that isolates risky or sensitive activities within a fully managed lightweight VM. Hysolate splits your laptop into two isolated zones, one for sensitive corporate work and another for other more risky activities. With Hysolate, you can safely use the same machine to access sensitive/privileged enterprise apps and to simultaneously browse the web freely, view risky attachments, download content, and install applications – all without compromising the security of your endpoint.

The way we developed Hysolate is that it sits locally on user endpoints for a native local user experience, but is fully managed from the cloud, for admin ease and peace of mind. Admins can set policies to limit users to opening untrusted applications, websites and documents within the correct zone, reducing the risk of malware, ransomware and other security threats, while giving employees full access to everything they need to get their jobs done.

We saw lots of interest in this product, especially as teams moved to remote working, and mixed usage grew. We also realised that something was missing; a free version of Hysolate, for IT and security professionals who wanted to try the Hysolate magic for themselves. Enter Hysolate Free.

Easily Isolate Risk with Hysolate Free

We are delighted to be launching Hysolate Free today, so that everyone can isolate risky activities on their Windows device. Hysolate Free is a forever free product, and provides a virtualized solution that sits on your endpoint, enabling you to isolate all risky activities, including:

  • Untrusted websites/cloud services
  • Risky applications
  • Risky documents or attachments
  • Peripherals like USBs and printers

You can easily toggle between your host OS and your Hysolate workspace with just the push of a button.


Hysolate Free takes five minutes to set up, and doesn’t require prior technical knowledge to run. It has several unique capabilities that haven’t been seen before in traditional VM-based solutions:

  1. Built-in web filtering technology allows you to select which website categories you consider risky and would like to automatically redirect into the VM.
  2. Supports isolation of any app, not just the web browser.
  3. While the VM is non-persistent, it keeps user data and settings persistent (if desired).
  4. Provides non-tech users with a familiar user experience of multiple desktop spaces.
  5. One-click redirection of risky content (files, links, apps) into the VM.
  6. A fully local experience that doesn’t depend on network conditions (including offline support).
  7. Optimized for performance, including automatic pause of the VM when not in use.
  8. Doesn’t require management or deployment of a full OS image – it uses the latest Krypton VM technology from Microsoft to instantly spin up a VM that uses clean Win10 files you already have on your machine.

Today we’re making all of this goodness free, forever. For enterprise-wide deployments,  manageability features, additional security controls, and additional capabilities that support a wide array of enterprise use cases (such as privileged access and BYOD), we’re offering Hysolate Enterprise (see comparison table here).

Want to learn more about Hysolate Enterprise? Click here to request a demo

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Tal Zamir

Tal is a 20-year software industry leader with a track record of solving urgent business challenges by reimagining how technology works. An entrepreneur at heart, he has pioneered multiple breakthrough cybersecurity and virtualization products. Before founding Hysolate, Tal incubated next-gen end-user computing products in the CTO office at VMware. Earlier, he was part of the leadership team at Wanova, a desktop virtualization startup acquired by VMware. Tal began his career in an elite IDF technology unit, leading mission-critical cybersecurity projects that won the prestigious Israeli Defense Award. He holds multiple US patents as well as an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, and the honor of valedictorian, from the Technion.