Security Leaders want more IT Freedom but also Stricter Security

Naomi Goldberg
July 13, 2021
Hysolate Survey IT Leaders

In one of the first major surveys of IT and Security professionals since the Covid19 pandemic, Hysolate together with independent global survey organisation Global Surveyz interviewed 200 IT and Security leaders at top US and UK companies with 500-10,000 employees to learn more about the challenges they are facing. The findings are fascinating.

Employees want more IT Freedom

The survey found that 87% of respondents want to give their employees more IT Freedom. What does IT Freedom mean in this content? Respondents see it as giving their employees the freedom to do their jobs. The opposite of IT Freedom appears to be locked down devices, and this is where we see an interesting paradox. 79% of respondents believe that IT and Security need to add more IT restrictions to reduce risky employee behavior, and here we have a paradox. How can users get their jobs done, if security restrictions are getting in the way?

Too many restrictions can lead to Shadow IT practices

Furthermore, and possibly even more concerning, the survey finds that only 7% of respondents believe their employees are happy with their IT processes, whereas a whopping 93% believe their employees are working to get around their IT restrictions. This means that IT and Security are working hard to lock down user devices, which is frustrating their users, who then try to circumvent the restrictions, placing corporate data at risk.


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Naomi Goldberg

Naomi Goldberg is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Hysolate