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  • Is it time for Work 2.0 ?

    By Tal Zamir. August 17, 2020

    If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably already heard about “unified endpoint management”, “enterprise mobility management”, the “digital workplace”, and other related buzzwords. However, the way we provide a work space to employees hasn’t significantly changed in the last decade. It still mainly consists of some mix of the following approaches: Corporate-owned PCs: providing a […]

  • Non-Persistent VMs with a Persistent User Experience – Make Your IT Admin’s Life Easier

    By Yan Aksenfeld. August 11, 2020

    Desktop virtualization solutions and use cases Desktop virtualization for end users in organizations is not a new concept. Since the 90’s, Citrix has been offering end users remote access to corporate software running in the datacenter. While managed virtual desktop infrastructure has provided a full desktop in the datacenter since the early 2000’s, and has […]

  • Can container/docker benefits apply to client apps too?

    By Tal Zamir. August 4, 2020

    You’ve probably heard about containers before. In the unlikely case that you missed the hype, but here’s a quick recap: containers are bundles of applications and their dependencies. With containers, it’s possible to reliably/predictably/consistently run apps regardless of the underlying computing infrastructure they run on. Containers run in the same way everywhere and also isolate […]

  • Windows Containers 101

    By Oleg Zlotnik. July 30, 2020

    You’re probably familiar with the concept of containers – a piece of lightweight software that bundles an application and all its dependencies and configuration into a single package, that can be easily deployed and executed reliably and deterministically on multiple different platforms, environments, and operating systems. Containers have been very popular in recent years and […]

  • Improving Your Vulnerability Remediation Process

    By Ted Milewicz. July 7, 2020

    As security teams know all too well, data breaches are a fact of life. They’re also a huge thorn in the side of many companies. With the average data security breach costing $3.92 million worldwide and $8.19 million in the US, and resulting in untold damages to reputations and customers, it’s easy to see why. […]

  • How WFH is Changing Endpoint Security

    By Mariel Sable. June 30, 2020

    COVID-19 has changed the way we operate in our daily lives, to say the least. Everything from school and shopping, to finances, family life, and work, were overturned seemingly overnight. As with many crises, most of the world began COVID-19 in a state of denial—”it’s not really happening; it won’t impact us.” This quickly moved […]

  • Mythbusting Network Security Architecture Best Practices

    By Yan Aksenfeld. June 25, 2020

    Given the cyberattack surface area presented by networks, it’s little surprise that network security professionals try to adhere to network security architecture best practices. A network must have security embedded in its very design. However, while best practices like network segmentation and device hardening are wise and worth pursuing, they are becoming increasingly deficient. This […]

  • Security Concerns with an At-Home Workforce

    By Josh Hogle. June 18, 2020

    Survey Results Indicate Major Security Concerns with an At-Home Workforce Hysolate recently polled industry leaders at the FS-ISAC Virtual Summit to get a better understanding of how organizations are addressing access to privileged environments today, and how comfortable they are with their current approaches, especially in the emphasized work-from-home paradigm we all find ourselves in. […]

  • COVID-19 Is Breeding More Cyberattacks: Here’s How to Contain Them

    By Mariel Sable. June 9, 2020

    There’s a lot we don’t understand and couldn’t have guessed about COVID-19. But one thing that many in the cybersecurity space anticipated, and which unfortunately is coming true, is the rise in cyberattacks. As a just-completed Team8 survey revealed that 85 percent of medium- to large-sized businesses are reporting a surge in these attacks. The […]