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  • How Virtual Air Gap Security Accelerates Digital Transformation

    By Tal Zamir. January 6, 2020

    In the first part of this blog series, we presented three endpoint challenges enterprises must overcome in their digital transformation journeys: threat prevention, user productivity, and user privacy. In this second blog, we show how a radical new approach called “virtual air gap,” or “software-defined endpoints,” improves cybersecurity by orders of magnitude, enables unrestricted user […]

  • The Best Attack Surface Reduction Method To Win The Endpoint Security Battle

    By Tal Zamir. January 5, 2020

    For over 2,000 years, people have leveraged elevated terrain, or “high ground,” to gain a strategic advantage over enemies and protect their realm. The Chinese “Art of War” suggests high ground as a strategic position that provides a wide point of view with full visibility over the landscape. In medieval Europe, castles and fortresses included […]

  • Taking Zero Trust Network Access to The Next Level

    By Tal Zamir. December 30, 2019

    What is Zero Trust? Zero trust is a security model based on maintaining strict access control. It has risen in popularity since Forrester coined the term in 2010.  Initially, Zero trust referred an enterprise security architecture that relied on a trusted internal network protected by firewalls that enforce perimeter security. However, with enterprises adopting mobile […]

  • Endpoints and Network Segmentation Best Practices

    By Yan Aksenfeld. December 23, 2019

    Network segmentation is a common and effective cybersecurity countermeasure. As attacks get more sophisticated, however, security tactics need to advance in parallel. For example, endpoints (laptops, desktops and workstations) are often considered among the “weakest links” in a cybersecurity strategy. They are thus the prime targets for network penetration attacks. That said, it’s apparent that […]

  • Privileged Access Workstation Adoption: Infographic & Survey Data

    By karinerhysolate. December 16, 2019

    This Privileged Access Workstation (PAW) Survey conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders revealed a lot about how organizations are approaching privileged access security. First – there seems to be a resounding agreement that Windows systems & IT admins need to use separate operating systems for sensitive and corporate activities. Nearly all respondents (94%) agree that IT admins […]

  • VDI Challenges: The Problem with VDI

    By Tal Zamir. December 15, 2019

    Anyone who’s been in enterprise IT long enough has already heard of, tested or deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions (like VMware and Citrix). And why not? The promises made by VDI vendors have been compelling, if not always accurate: cost savings, enabling bring your own device (BYOD), improving the user experience and business continuity,  […]

  • VDI Security Best Practices: Breaking the Myth

    By Tal Zamir. December 14, 2019

    CISOs and security professionals often refer to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) (made popular by VMWare & Citrix) and other “remote application” solutions as security barriers that hackers have a hard time bypassing. That’s a myth, and here’s why. 1. Thin client scenarios are precarious.  These virtualization efforts pose only a minor hurdle to determined cyber-criminals. […]

  • Living in a post-perimeter era

    By Tal Zamir. November 20, 2019

    Everybody’s talking about the post-perimeter era – an era in which there is no longer a distinction between being inside the perimeter of the organization or outside of it. In this new era, our personal devices mix access to sensitive, corporate and personal data. The conventional thinking is that because services and apps have moved […]