Privileged Access Workstation Survey…What it means to me

By Jessica Stanford. March 13, 2019

For a number of reasons, I’m pretty excited about the Privileged Access Workstation (PAW) Survey conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders.

First – there seems to be a resounding agreement that IT admins need to use separate operating systems for sensitive and corporate activities. Nearly all respondents (94%) agree that IT admins are at increased risk of compromise if they use the same device to connect to sensitive/privileged assets and their corporate, internet-exposed network. I would guess that 10 or 15 years ago this number may be in the range of 60% to 70%. The fact that almost all respondents agree proves that we’ve all understood the importance of securing privileged access. And no surprise – these are the accounts and access points that cyber attackers target in their attacks.

Second – We all agree that securing privileged access is critically important! Of the 200 respondents, 87% said it’s highly critical to isolate privileged environments and 8 out of 10 organizations are prioritizing privileged user security. These statistics show that not only are we aware of the risks around privileged access, but we’re doing something about it by prioritizing privileged security projects.

The challenge then comes in how to implement PAW and this is true for many organizations. I’ve personally spoken to many organizations that know they want to isolate privileged access, but aren’t sure which method is best for their organization, team, and existing infrastructure. The truth is, it’s not an easy decision because there are a number of different paths all with pros and cons.

If you’re looking to implement PAW or if you’ve already implemented a PAW solution, we’d love to hear from you to understand your challenges and success stories! Please contact us if you’d like to share your story.

About the Author

As Global VP of Marketing, Jessica brings more than a decade of experience to Hysolate. With her in-depth product knowledge, market expertise and passion for cybersecurity, she has a long track record of driving strategic and revenue growth, leading product launches such as RSA’s Authentication Manager and CyberArk’s Privileged Threat Analytics. Most recently, she served as Director of Product Marketing at Cybereason where she was responsible for the full portfolio of product and service offerings. A proud buckeye, Jessica earned her BSBA from The Ohio State University and her MBA from Brandeis University.

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