Why I Joined Hysolate

Marc Gaffan
July 30, 2019

I’m excited to be starting a new journey as CEO of Hysolate. I first met Tal Zamir, Hysolate’s Founder, two and a half years ago when he was just getting started with Hysolate. He presented this grand vision of splitting up people’s laptops into multiple, totally isolated and virtualized operating systems but unifying them into a single normal user experience that every person could instantly understand. I was skeptical… Others had tried similar things before but could not pull it off and make it work.

Since then I’ve followed Hysolate through my friends at Team8 and BVP to learn that the Hysolate team has turned this grand vision into a reality.

Today Hysolate is being used by global financial institutions, oil and gas companies, tech giants and others. These companies are using Hysolate to ensure their privileged users have the utmost security without having to carry an additional, “special purpose”, laptop in their backpacks. Others are using it to allow their employees to be more productive by removing corporate restrictions and allowing them to go anywhere online, download and install applications, access other cloud services and more, without compromising their corporate security policies.

But the vision is larger than just for corporate use. If we get this right, my wife, kids and even my mom and dad will, down the road, all be able to go online, download “stuff” and connect to “shady” Wi-Fi networks without having to worry about their email, online banking and social media accounts getting hacked (and calling me to help clean up the mess).

I am thrilled to now be part of this journey and looking forward to the road ahead of us.

Marc Gaffan

Marc is CEO of Hysolate, and has enjoyed a long and successful entrepreneurial and Cyber security career. Prior to joining Hysolate, Marc was the Chief Business Officer at Nexar, where he led sales, marketing, biz-dev, customer success and field operations. In 2009, Gaffan co-founded Incapsula and after its acquisition by Imperva, led the Incapsula business as CEO to $100 million in run rate, protecting millions of websites worldwide and many of the world’s largest enterprises and Telcos. Marc is a thought leader and has appeared before the US Congress, FDIC and Federal Trade Commission on cyber security and identity theft topics. He holds an MBA and a B.Sc in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.