At Hysolate, our talented engineers are building the tools that will secure, protect, and enable the future of work.

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Transforming User Productivity with Isolated Workspaces.

Our mission is to end the false choice between security OR productivity. We’re giving CISOs and IT leaders the ability to create isolated workspaces locally, on each user’s device. By isolating an entirely separate zone on their computers, employees can safely access the tools and webpages they need.

A Warning for Applicants

Before you go on, we thought it’s only fair to warn you. The technical challenges in this job are real. We’re building an entirely new category of virtualized computing. There’s no manual, no blueprint, for how to do this. Your knowledge of OS internals, networking, cloud, and virtualization is what we’re depending on.

So why Hysolate?

Every company has a foosball table (or in our case, an arcade) and enough candy to make a dentist cry. The real reason you want to work for us is the people and the culture (and the dogs!)

Here’s what some of our best employees have to say about why they love Hysolate:

"I don't know what a 'Zoom' is, but everyone seems to be talking about them... Is it food?"


Oleg's dog

Our Investors

Let’s talk for a minute about who believes in us.

  • Hysolate is the fourth company to be launched by Team8, Israel’s leading cybersecurity think-tank and company creation foundry. Team8 portfolio companies have been acquired by Cisco and Temasek.

  • One of the most respected VC firms in the world, Bessemer’s portfolio companies include LinkedIn, Twitch, Pinterest, Wix, and more.

  • Investing in companies they believe have visionary founders, transformational technologies and emergent ecosystems for a new world, portfolio companies include Uber and CropX.

Meet Your Future Manager

Yes, the tech we’re working on is cool. We’re in a great location. We have great investors. But a job is only as good as your boss, right? Here are our team leaders:

  • Marc Gaffan

    CEO & Board Member

  • Tal Zamir

    Founder, CTO & Board Member

  • Yuki Arbel

    VP Product Management

  • Ido Samson

    VP Global Sales

  • Guy Galon

    VP Customer Success

Open Positions