Looking for DaaS alternatives?

Here are three reasons to consider Hysolate

Happy Employees

Ensure IT security without restricting employee productivity


Enable secure corporate access from BYODs

Save on IT Spend

Eliminate high back-end infrastructure costs

Democratizing your Desktop Environment with Hysolate

Organizations now have the option to use an isolated workspace as a service (IWaaS) as an alternative to DaaS. Essentially users get a local isolated operating system running on their machine deployed within minutes which is managed from the cloud. This workspace can be used in a variety of use cases in an organization including: a higher levels of freedom on employees corporate devices; Receive 3rd party generated content in an isolated zone; IT admins, DevOps, Developers, and any other privileged users that require access to privileged systems and data from their everyday environment can now do so freely. IT can enable employees that require access to the organization from their personal, unmanaged machines to do so.

The Hysolate Difference

Hysolate DaaS
Cost per user Annual subscription,no infrastructure cost High Infrastructure costs for good performance
IT Personnel requirements Small Small
Implementation time Days Days
Conferencing experience Native Limited
User experience Local, including offline Depends on network quality
Anti-keylogging/ anti-screenshot Depends on vendor
Scalability Distributed solution with infinite scalability Distributed solution with infinite scalability
Granular DLP (USB, printer, clipboard) Depends on vendor

The Hysolate Experience

Get a local isolated operating system running on your machine, deployed within minutes and managed from the cloud!

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