Empower Developers with a Robust Sandboxing Environment

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  • The Problem

    Developers usually require unlimited access to the internet, in order to use various public resources like external code repositories and knowledge centers. Some of these websites might be malicious and pose a threat to the developer’s device, and to other linked company infrastructure and servers. Some developers even download and run external tools or play with 3rd party code, sometimes originating from untrusted sources or containing malware. This unlimited access may be necessary for productivity, but can easily turn into a security risk.

  • The Solution

    Hysolate’s full isolated VM environment provides not just browser isolation, but a fully isolated OS. This means full browser isolation, application isolation, network isolation as well as complete manageability for admins, with granular policy management via a robust management console. This reduces the risks associated with developers by providing them with a fully isolated operating system that they can use as a sandbox, that runs locally on their endpoint, and doesn’t come into contact with corporate data on the host Operating System. The Hysolate Workspace has local admin rights, so your team can install whatever dev-related apps, extensions, and drivers that they need, and the host OS is locked down, providing access to customer environments, proprietary source code, mission critical production servers, etc. If a developer opens a risky link or website in the host OS, it can be automatically and seamlessly transferred to Workspace. Hysolate’s Workspace is deployed locally on endpoints, but has full admin management from the cloud. Admins can select user policies for each team, maximizing productivity without risking security. With Hysolate, admins can choose to keep applications installed by users or administrators so that they won’t be wiped on reboot, user settings, cookies, and browsing history can be set to be saved.

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  • Developers can download any application or extension they need for research or testing, including risky applications that would normally be banned by security and IT management.

  • R&D teams can be given full access to websites like YouTube for technical training and education, in their isolated Workspace.

  • Developers can have full access to open source code repositories within Workspace, and can play with code using Hysolate as a managed sandbox, without concern of infiltrations into proprietary source code on the host OS.

  • Hysolate can be easily wiped after use, creating a clean sandbox environment.

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