Enterprise Grade Security

Hysolate has taken the security controls for running a local virtual machine on the endpoint to an enterprise grade level. These controls ensure that the VM’s integrity, network connectivity, and data governance will allow any organization to achieve its security and isolation goals at the highest level.

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  • Anti-screenshotting and Anti-keylogging Features

    Prevent screenshotting and keylogging, protecting user input within the Workspace from any potential malware that may infect the host OS.

  • Watermark

    A watermark can be displayed on the Workspace, to deter leakage of information from internal or external sources via screenshots (or help trace the exact source of such leaks).

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  • Non-persistency

    Whenever the Workpsace is restarted, it returns to a clean slate and does not retain installed programs that may be malicious. Admins can choose to keep user data persistent, or have it cleared on every restart.

  • Disk Encryption

    The Workspace user data disk is encrypted using Bitlocker, preventing access from outside Workspace.

  • Remote VM Wipe

    Remotely wipe the user’s Workspace as part of a user’s deletion process so no corporate data remains on the user’s device after Hysolate has been removed

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  • OS code integrity

    With code integrity enabled in the Workspace environment, only signed binaries by authorized software providers will be allowed to run in the Workspace.

  • Network firewall

    Configure the network locations that should be accessible from the Workspace environment, and block everything else (alternatively, you can choose to only allow access to certain network locations).

  • Clipboard controls

    Control whether users can copy data between the primary environment and the Workspace environment, to protect against leakage of data and/or introduction of threats. You control the type of data that can be transferred in each direction (text, images, files), the maximum size of files that are allowed to be transferred, etc.

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  • Host health checks

    Hysolate can run a comprehensive set of health checks when a device starts. Users will be able to access the Hysolate Workspace only if all enabled health checks pass. If one or more health checks fail, the Workspace will be locked.

  • Access control using a PIN

    Require users to configure a PIN code to unlock the Workspace. This PIN can unlock the Workspace even when there is no network connection, and is available in addition to the existing authentication methods like SSO.

Why Hysolate?

Hysolate enables organizations to create trusted endpoints that are secure by design. 

With Hysolate you can isolate endpoint threats and secure enterprise access with an isolated virtual workspace that runs on the endpoint, and is fully managed from the cloud. 

This secure by design architecture splits the endpoint into two isolated workspaces, providing IT and Security management with peace of mind, without compromising user productivity.

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