Frequently Asked Questions for New Users

What is Isolated Workspace-as-a-Service?

Hysolate is a local hyper-isolated virtual environment that provides users with a superior user experience. It is built to spin up instantly on any Windows 10 OS and managed, at scale, from the cloud.

What are the main use cases that Hysolate supports?

We’re helping companies that are looking to deliver secure BYOD, provide safe and separate access to third-party contractors and agents, and create isolated productivity environments on corporate devices:

  • Protect corporate devices with an isolated workspace for high risk activities
  • Securing corporate access from BYOD
  • Providing privileged users with a privileged access environment

How is Hysolate better than traditional VDI solutions?

Hysolate allows you to run your applications locally, making user experience superior and independent of network conditions and infrastructure load. Furthermore, as the solution leverages the user’s endpoint hardware, it dramatically reduces cost.

What is the pricing model of Hysolate?

Hysolate Isolated Workspace-as-a- Service is licensed per-user, with an annual subscription

How can I deploy Hysolate?

Deployment is done via a light-weight installer that can be delivered from the cloud, or through standard desktop deployment systems. Installing on a machine should typically take no longer than a few minutes.

Do users need to be trained to use Hysolate?

Hysolate presents itself as an easily accessible environment on the Windows OS, very similar to a virtual desktop. It is very simple to switch to this environment and perform day to day operations such as launching applications, browsing the web, and copying and pasting content.

How can I manage Hysolate?

Hysolate is managed from a SaaS based administration console. The workspace policy that is assigned to every device includes networking, application installation, clipboard transfer, external devices, security configuration, and more.

Do I need to manage the Workspace OS image as any other OS? Do I need to apply a Windows license?

The Workspace OS is created from the underlying Windows OS and relies on it for patching and image management. There is no need to update the Workspace OS. Workspace is a non-persistent VM, and does not require you to apply a license.

What are the minimal Hardware/OS requirements to be able to Install Hysolate?

Hysolate can be installed on any machine that meets the following minimal requirements:

  • A CPU with Virtualization (VTx / AMD-V) enabled
  • 8GB RAM
  • SSD with 10GB of free space
  • Any Windows 10 OS (Home/ Pro/Enterprise)

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