Hysolate Free for Isolating Sensitive Access

Forever Free, instantly deployed isolated workspace, for secure access to sensitive resources

  • Protect sensitive personal or corporate data, websites, applications or cloud services
  • Separate your sensitive activities from risks on your main OS
  • Install Hysolate Free in minutes, with a quick and easy setup process
  • Transfer between regular and secure environments with the click of a button
  • Save time and effort, no need to spin up a new VM. Hysolate Free is suitable for technical and non technical users
  • Fully isolate sensitive data, websites, applications or cloud services for an extra level of endpoint protection.

  • VM-based isolation of all sensitive content

  • Automatic redirection of sensitive websites to the sensitive workspace

  • Prevents malware from keylogging or capturing screenshots of sensitive workspace

  • Data in the sensitive workspace is encrypted

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Looking for an Enterprise Solution?

With Hysolate for Enterprise you can deploy, scale and manage an isolated workspace program for employees and contractors

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  • Automatic redirection of websites, docs, apps and USBs
  • Advanced security policies (clipboard, printers, screenshots, keylogging)
  • External device policy management
  • Fine-grained networking policies
  • Comprehensive application bundling options
  • IdP integration and SAML-based SSO
  • Enterprise support & SLA