Securing Corporate Access
from BYOD

Enable employees and third-parties
to securely access corporate applications
and data on unmanaged devices

Instantly provisioned in minutes

Corporate governed virtual environment

Better user experience than VDI/DaaS

Security and flexibility anywhere

With more and more employees and contractors working in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, security teams need to cope with significant security risks while traditional VPN-only, DaaS (Desktops-as-a-Service) and remote desktop solutions aren’t making the cut anymore. VPN-only solutions do not prevent infected devices from connecting to the corporate network and pose a malware threat. This also imposes a data leakage issue when corporate data is downloaded to non corporate devices and may remain there permanently. Organizations are often unable to install their endpoint security solutions on non-corporate devices and if they are, could create a user privacy exposure due to them collecting and storing information from non corporate devices. Furthermore, costly VDI and DaaS solutions provide a sub-par user experience, require users to be online 100% of the time, and are challenged when connecting to external peripheral devices.

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