Securing Corporate Access from BYODs

Deploy a secure corporate zone on BYOD so that all corporate data and network access
is restricted to this environment

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Isolate Corporate Activity from Personal Activity.

Give your workforce an isolated environment allowing the users to use a non-corporate device to securely access the corporate network and systems, while preventing malware infection and data leakage.

With more and more employees and contractors working in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, security teams need to cope with significant security risks.

VPN-only or Zero trust approaches do not prevent infected devices from connecting to the corporate network or applications and pose a malware threat.

Corporate access from BYODs also imposes a data leakage threat to corporate data which can be downloaded to non corporate devices and may remain there permanently.

Costly VDI and DaaS solutions provide a sub-par user experience, require users to be online 100% of the time, and are challenged when connecting over slow internet connections or using external peripheral devices.

Before & After

  • Employees and contractors may access corporate resources from already breached devices only using VPN therefore imposing significant security risks
    VPN access is performed from a clean and isolated environment that is malware free with corporate endpoint security measures installed and enforced
  • Corporate data may remain on non-corporate devices after being accessed and downloaded onto non corporate devices
    Corporate data is secured in the Hysolate Workspace virtual environment and cannot be exfiltrated.
  • Users are frustrated from the sub-par user experience of costly VDI and DaaS solutions
    Users can enjoy a fast and native-like user experience when accessing corporate systems from BYODs

Unrestricted Zone Fully Managed by The User

Support your employees working on their personal devices, contractors working on a personal device or contractors using their corporate device to access the client’s environment securely.