Protect Corporate Devices
with Isolated Workspaces
for High-Risk Activities

Allow employees to browse the web, install apps,
and download files without compromising corporate security

Broader app coverage than browser isolation

Isolated browsing, attachments and 3rd party apps

Unrestricted user productivity

Productivity and security - you don’t have to choose

Managed corporate endpoints are often very restricted, preventing users from installing many productivity applications, they cannot plug in thumb drives and they cannot browse the full web. Employees are becoming increasingly frustrated with these locked-down endpoints especially as more and more of the workforce is now working remotely and needs to install communication, collaboration and other productivity tools that have become crucial to maintaining productivity. Many corporations also force remote users to connect via VPN to access corporate systems thus blocking them from connecting to 3rd party services, home printers and even checking personal email on their corporate endpoint.

Before & After

Unlock worker productivity within a safe and secure environment:

Traditional offerings are normally publicly available, easily accessible to any attacker.


Organizations defend themselves by restricting endpoints and adding an array of security agents on top of the endpoint operating system. All of this has led to massive losses in employee productivity as well as unnecessarily high costs in security training.  Hysolate helps you unlock worker productivity within a safe and secure environment.