Hysolate for Privileged Access

Provide your privileged users with
a privileged access environment
running in parallel with their non-privileged environment

Properly segmenting DevOps access

Isolating payment systems

Protecting Access to OT Networks and ICS

Productivity and security - you don’t have to choose

Corporate laptops are managed laptops with many restrictions, e.g. they are forced to only connect to the corporate network via an “always-on” VPN solution, users don’t have local admin rights (which prevents installing many productivity applications), they cannot plug in thumb drives, they cannot browse the full web, etc.  Employees are typically frustrated with these locked-down laptops as they are less useful at home. For example:  users might not be able to use that laptop to simultaneously work with corporate-related apps and personal apps, which forces them to constantly switch between multiple devices – a factor that degrades productivity and frustrates users.

Users typically don’t have two sets of peripherals (e.g. multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, power supply …) at home.

This means that switching between their personal laptop and their corporate laptop at home requires them to reconnect peripherals to a different device.

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