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  • The Problem

    The last year has led to an increase in remote work, and an increase in cyber threats, with 70% of breaches originating on the endpoint. One of the ways IT teams have been dealing with the increasing endpoint threats is by constantly locking them down, significantly restricting employees IT freedom and often prohibiting employees from doing their job. This conflict is exacerbated due to the move to remote work and the need for more collaboration and communications tools. These may be necessary for daily work, but they are also potential avenues that enable infiltration of malware into the organization, and exfiltration of sensitive data. IT and Security want to limit these applications, but management insists they are necessary productivity tools. You end up in “whitelisting hell”, wasting precious resources on checking and approving a never-ending list of websites.

  • The Solution

    Hysolate provides an OS isolation solution that runs locally on the user’s device, essentially splitting it into two zones, a risky Workspace, where you can install and access your third party applications like productivity and communication applications (without compromising security), and a corporate secure host OS that is closed to external threats. Now you can give your team full access to all the applications they want, and need. They can download productivity applications like Zoom and Slack, and use them in Workspace, a totally isolated VM, so no risk can be introduced to your host device. Hysolate sits on your user’s endpoints, reducing latency and lag and gives an improved user experience, crucial for a good experience while using communication apps that can consume more bandwidth.

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  • Reduce the time and money spent on security auditing, checking certifications and whitelisting applications.

  • Your team can access untrusted websites, without security concerns

  • Untrusted files and documents can be opened in Workspace, reducing the risks from viruses and other downloadable threats.

  • Productivity and connectivity applications like Adobe Reader, Zoom and Slack can be opened in your risky workspace, so you can work without concern about introducing malware, viruses and other issues.

  • Reduces risks from USBs and printer applications by automatically redirecting usage to Workspace.

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