Isolate Access to Privileged Corporate Systems and Data

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  • The Problem

    Secure access to sensitive corporate systems and data is amongst the highest priorities for IT and security teams, as these are the holy grails for attackers and cyber security criminals. While corporations have invested millions to ensure that access to these systems and data is done securely through the use of Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM) and and more recently, conditional access and Zero Trust approaches, the threat of accessing these systems from a compromised device continues to pose a significant risk to corporations. Some organizations have gone to the extreme of providing their privileged users with an additional device solely for the purpose of accessing sensitive systems and data and others are actively seeking methods to ensure that access to such systems is performed from a sterile and non infected environment.

  • The Solution

    Using Hysolate, IT and security teams can provide corporate users with an isolated workspace that runs on the user’s device so users can access sensitive systems and data from a completely isolated and secure environment but also work freely, with less restrictions in their daily, not privileged, activities. Hysolate Workspace is installed on user endpoints, but managed from the cloud, so you can quickly and easily deploy it and scale it across your company, customizing settings for each team and their needs. Unlike cloud based traditional VDI or DaaS solutions, Workspace provides a great native user experience, with minimal lag and latency issues and is cost effective due to the fact that the isolated OS is running on the user’s device and not as a dedicated workload in the cloud.

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  • Access sensitive systems and data from a highly locked down and restricted environment

  • Limit network connectivity from the Workspace only to the sensitive systems

  • Prevent transfer of files or other clipboard data from the Workspace to the less restricted corporate OS

  • Prevent screen and keyboard capturing from the corporate OS

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