Isolate Malware and other Malicious Content

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  • The Problem

    Are you concerned about malware, ransomware and other malicious software on your user’s laptop? Is your team accessing untrusted websites and applications to get their jobs done, leaving you open to risk? Are you investing time and money into deciding which software and applications can be trusted?

  • The Solution

    Hysolate offers a fully isolated virtualized environment, splitting your laptop into a risky zone and a secure zone. Corporate applications can be run in the secure zone on the host OS, while untrusted websites and applications are opened and used in the Hysolate Workspace, creating a “risky” zone, which is totally separate from corporate data and applications. Workspace offers full network, browser and application isolation.

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  • Reduce the time and money spent on whitelisting applications.

  • Your team can access untrusted websites, without security concerns

  • Untrusted files and documents can be opened in Workspace, reducing the risks from viruses and other downloadable threats.

  • Productivity and connectivity applications like Adobe Reader, Zoom and Slack can be opened in Hysolate Workspace, your risky zone, so you can work without concern about introducing malware, viruses and other issues.

  • Reduces risks from USBs and printer applications by automatically redirecting usage to Workspace.

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