A Local Workspace to
Isolate Sensitive Access and Activities

Hysolate’s Workspace provides you with a fully isolated and secured VM on your Windows endpoint device, to keep access to sensitive systems and data secure, so you can work productively on your host operating system, while keeping access to your company’s crown jewels secure and totally isolated.

  • With Hysolate You Can:

    • Secure access to sensitive corporate data and high risk applications in an isolated, fully managed VM
    • Protect data from third party users and their unsecured devices, and wipe the VM if the Workspace is no longer needed
    • Extend zero trust to the endpoint, closing the loop on security attacks from the endpoint
  • Extend “Zero Trust” to the endpoint

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  • Isolate access to privileged corporate systems and data

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  • Isolate corporate access from 3rd party devices

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Installed on the endpoint, managed from the cloud

Workspace is installed on user endpoints, but managed from the cloud, so you can quickly and easily deploy it and scale it across your company, customizing settings for each team and their needs. Unlike cloud based traditional VDI or DaaS solutions, Workspace provides a great native user experience, with minimal lag and latency issues, even when using communication and productivity applications like Slack and Zoom.

Why Hysolate

Hysolate enables organizations to isolate risky or sensitive activities on users’ endpoints with a local workspace that isolates applications and data. Hysolate has reinvented how an isolated virtual environment is instantly deployed on a user’s device and remotely managed from the cloud. With Hysolate you can “split” the user’s device into two isolated environments so users can work freely and be productive without compromising security.