Native User Experience

The Hysolate Workspace provides a truly local user experience that doesn't depend on the network conditions and can be used even when offline. The Workspace environment looks like a separate desktop on the same PC, which is consistent with the user’s primary environment: time, language, and regional settings are always in-sync with the primary environment. In addition, user data and applications can be made persistent.

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  • Smooth onboarding experience

    Hysolate is deployed within minutes using a lightweight installer - no need for full OS download and long installation time. Just a few clicks, and the user is up and running.

  • Native desktop look-and-feel

    The Hysolate Workspace is a simple and intuitive extension of the user’s primary desktop, with all settings (language, time, etc.) automatically synchronized. Users interact with it as if it is just an additional desktop.

  • Website, document, USB and printer redirection

    Websites that are considered risky or untrusted can be automatically redirected to the Workspace. Hysolate provides intuitive and quick document redirection features, reducing the risk of opening untrusted or risky documents within a corporate environment. You can also redirect risky external peripheral devices including USBs and printers directly into the Hysolate Workspace and print directly from Workspace, reducing the risk of malware threats.

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  • Smart auto pause

    Hysolate will automatically switch to "power-saving mode" when the Workspace is not active for a specified period of time. This improves performance in the primary environment, and increases battery life.

  • Side by side monitor mode

    Users have the flexibility to choose full screen or side-by-side mode. Hysolate side-by-side monitor mode displays both the primary environment and the Workspace environment simultaneously. Each environment is shown on a separate display.

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  • Smooth video conferencing

    Enjoy a simple and smooth user experience with a native support for video conferencing applications.

Why Hysolate?

Hysolate enables organizations to create trusted endpoints that are secure by design. 

With Hysolate you can isolate endpoint threats and secure enterprise access with an isolated virtual workspace that runs on the endpoint, and is fully managed from the cloud. 

This secure by design architecture splits the endpoint into two isolated workspaces, providing IT and Security management with peace of mind, without compromising user productivity.

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