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Hysolate safeguards network segmentation by extending it to the endpoint.

User Behavior Can Easily Defeat The Security Goal of Network Segmentation

Many companies bolster network security by creating separate zones with distinct trust levels. They may use VLANS on the network, require remote workers to use VPNs, or deploy micro-segmentation with different security policies applied to individual workloads. But maintaining isolation between network segments is difficult. If employees use one laptop to access high- and low-trust LAN segments or browse the web, malware that infiltrates their device’s operating system can easily jump to a secure zone the next time the end user connects to it. Enterprises that try to work around this by issuing multiple devices to employees who work on more than one network segment end up hurting productivity. End-users waste countless hours repeatedly switching between machines for day-to-day tasks. And if they use VPNs to access the internet, they’re often frustrated by slow performance.

Hysolate Keeps Segmented Zones Isolated and Users Productive

Hysolate puts virtual air gaps between segmented zones on each end-user’s device, extending network segmentation all the way down to the endpoint. With Hysolate, workers can safely and efficiently move from one zone to another without having to switch workstations. The solution splits a single physical device into multiple virtual machines, each with its own fully isolated operating system. A locked-down, sensitive VM runs alongside a VM that’s open to internet access and, perhaps, a third VM that’s dedicated to general corporate work. Each OS can be individually assigned to a separate VLAN. Your VPN can run in the corporate VM. Any malware that reaches an Internet-exposed VM via any means–including email, the web and USBs–cannot reach your more trusted zones or even see that other VMs exist.

Secure by Design

Runs below the operating system and built to withstand any OS-based threat, including tomorrow’s zero-day OS vulnerabilities.

A Natural Fit For Your Ecosystem

Future-proof architecture built to power any application or service, and compatible with your existing hardware.

Welcomes Third-Party Add-ons

Advanced security tools easily integrate with the Hysolate platform, enhancing your organization’s security posture.


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