Isolate Privileged Access
Management (PAM)


Hysolate prevents cybercriminals from stealing privileged identities by isolating PAM access.

PAM Solutions are Undermined by Malware-Infected Laptops

Privileged Access Management solutions do a great job of protecting privileged account credentials. But what happens when the same laptop your IT administrator uses to access PAM gets infected without them knowing it? The cybercriminal simply piggybacks on the user to steal the privileged identifies. Bottom line: your PAM solution is only as strong as the device being used to access it.

Make Your PAM Solution Invisible to Cyberattackers

When your privileged users operate on a Hysolate device, criminals won’t even know that you have a PAM solution, let alone be able to access it.

Hysolate splits each laptop into multiple virtual machines, each with its own fully isolated and completely separate operating system. You can easily set policies that restrict PAM access to a locked-down, sensitive VM, and then allow employees to run a VM that’s open to internet access and non-sensitive corporate work alongside it. Any malware that penetrates the open OS is fully contained. It can’t jump to the other OS or see that it exists.

Secure by Design

Runs below the operating system and built to withstand any OS-based threat, including tomorrow’s zero-day OS vulnerabilities.

A Natural Fit For Your Ecosystem

Future-proof architecture built to power any application or service, and compatible with your existing hardware.

Welcomes Third-Party Add-ons

Advanced security tools easily integrate with the Hysolate platform, enhancing your organization’s security posture.


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