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The Hysolate platform seamlessly splits endpoints into multiple segregated OS environments, ensuring air-gap grade security while delivering unrestricted user productivity.

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Platform Overview
The Technology

Secure by Design

With Hysolate, everything you do runs in one of a few virtualized operating systems. All systems run locally, side-by-side, with full separation, giving no single environment any control over the others. The Hysolate platform is built to withstand advanced threats, including tomorrow’s zero-day vulnerabilities.

Third-Party Add-Ons are Welcome

Designed to allow add-on integrations with third-party systems, the Hysolate platform lets you leverage your existing security investments, such as DLP, CDR and VPN, by embedding them in the Hysolate platform, which runs below the operating system.

A Natural Fit for Your Ecosystem

Hysolate’s future-proof architecture is built to support any application or service, without requiring special configuration or adaptation. Compatible with 5-year old enterprise laptops and desktops, there is no need to invest in dedicated infrastructure – Hysolate simply fits with what you have.

Designed for the Enterprise

The Hysolate platform was designed specifically for the enterprise environment, built for scale, and around existing tools and methods, to easily fit into your ecosystem.

Full OS Isolation

VMs are completely isolated using the same trusted hypervisor technology that is driving the cloud and the virtualized data center. Furthermore, the hypervisor is security-hardened to handle even the most sophisticated attackers.

Network Segmentation

Each virtualized operating system does not access the network directly. Instead, it securely connects through an invisible network security VM that applies network segmentation on the endpoint, even in scenarios where the actual network isn’t segmented.

Non-Persistent VMs

Guest operating systems can be configured to automatically revert to a clean snapshot, so that even the most persistent malware gets wiped away instantly.

In-Place Migration Process

A unique “forklift” process can automatically and centrally migrate your existing endpoint fleet into the Hysolate platform, without wiping any existing endpoint content. For users, the process is completed with a single reboot.

A Restriction-Free Experience

The Hysolate platform lets users work freely both on sensitive and non-sensitive apps, all within a single familiar desktop environment. The platform will launch apps in the right VM, connect external devices to designated VMs and seamlessly and securely enable copy and paste between the VMs.

Empowering Your Enterprise

The Hysolate platform was designed specifically for the enterprise environment, built for scale, and around existing enterprise tools and methods.

  • Centralized Deployment

    Hysolate endpoints are deployed, monitored and managed centrally via the Hysolate management server.

  • API Driven

    The Hysolate management server exposes a full REST API, enabling easy integration with other IT management systems and tools.

  • Simplified IT

    The platform provides new powerful IT capabilities for easier endpoint deployment, update and support.

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