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Developers’ freedom of access and corporate security don’t need to be competing priorities

  • No Restrictions on Endpoints
  • Local Administrator Rights

No Restrictions on Endpoints

Developers often work with the code that is their employer’s core intellectual property - the company’s ‘crown jewels’. As such their endpoints present a security risk under any circumstances, let alone the expanded attack surface exposed by the shift to more remote and distributed work in response to COVID-19. Instead of denying worker access to certain websites; prohibiting third-party applications and/or peripherals; banning the use of personal laptops for company business; denying admin-level permissions on corporate devices, give them isolated workspaces - OS-based isolation to strongly protect corporate assets, both on corporate-owned devices and on non-corporate devices, allowing developers to work freely without compromising security.

Work freely without compromising security

Grant your Developers with Local Administrator Rights

Developers require full access to the Internet to be able to download code samples, 3rd party source code packages and libraries, new tools, etc. The development tool stack is rapidly changing and these internet resources cannot be easily whitelisted and often do not work well in conjunction with web proxies. This full Internet access increases the chances of downloading malware and that malware would probably be able to access its C&C server. It also means that developers (by mistake or intent) can upload sensitive data to any Internet server. Providing developers with a secure privileged access to content, tools and other assets (both corporate-owned and third-party) will enable them to work friction-free and maximize their productivity.

Tal Zamir

CTO & Founder Hysolate

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