Protect Privileged Users


Hysolate provides privileged users secure access to sensitive assets on a single device.

Protecting Your Prime Targets

Privileged accounts are the keys to the kingdom, providing access to the company’s most sensitive and confidential data. It’s commonly recommended that users only access privileged accounts on separate machines to ensure protection of these assets, but more machines means more expenses and reduced productivity. Hysolate enables privileged users to securely remain on one physical machine, with isolated environments keeping sensitive data separate from corporate and personal data.

Before and After

Even if your network is segmented, when an attacker compromises an IT laptop, he immediately gains access both to its C&C server and your most sensitive assets. With Hysolate, malware on an Internet-exposed VM cannot reach your sensitive resources as they are exclusively accessible via the privileged VM.

Secure by Design

Runs below the operating system and built to withstand any OS-based threat, including tomorrow’s zero-day OS vulnerabilities.

A Natural Fit For Your Ecosystem

Future-proof architecture built to power any application or service, and compatible with your existing hardware.

Welcomes Third-Party Add-ons

Advanced security tools easily integrate with the Hysolate platform, enhancing your organization’s security posture.


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