Secure Local Virtual Desktop.

One device. Many uses.
Each isolated in its own workspace.

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The Hysolate Difference

  • Strong VM-based isolation
  • Deployable on a mass scale in minutes
  • No need to install and manage an additional OS image
  • Eliminate data center costs

Secure Desktop for Today’s Hybrid Workforce.

Hysolate helps companies to either protect their corporate endpoints with an isolated workspace for risky activities, or secure corporate access from unmanaged endpoints with a strong, VM-based, isolated workspace.
Hysolate keeps applications and data completely separate between the user’s host operating system and the Hysolate Workspace, essentially splitting a user’s endpoint into two segregated zones, each running in its own OS.




The virtual and isolated environments that are deployed on users’ endpoints are fully managed remotely with a robust and fine grained set of networking, clipboard and data security policies

  • Management Console

    All endpoints are fully managed from a multi-tenant, cloud-based management platform

  • Full control

    Robust policies to govern end users' device behaviour

  • Fast onboarding

    Begin deploying in minutes, without installing any backend server infrastructure

  • Easy app bundling

    Easily package and deploy apps during and after initial deployment

  • Flexible provisioning

    User and device provisioning is done remotely through the platform or via an integration with an Identity Provider (e.g. Azure Active Directory)

Focus on

User Experience

The Hysolate solution is both secure and user-friendly, creating a viable long-term solution for supporting remote employees.

The Hysolate Workspace is a simple and intuitive extension of the user’s workstation.

Consistent with all regional settings from the user’s primary environment.

Friendly user invitation and onboarding process, no training require workstation.

Simplified and customisable folders, settings, and start menu options.

Easy switch to the isolated workspace environment with a simple hotkey.

Website and document redirection features.

Isolated Workspace Makes Users Productive and IT Secure.

Hysolate splits your desktop into isolated operating systems to mirror your different personas: one for personal ‘hazardous activities’ and one for securely accessing corporate assets and networks. With Hysolate, security professionals can provide a locked down environment for specific needs like SWIFT payment systems, IT administration, etc. In addition, running side-by-side, users can have an open, internet accessible environment that enables them to be fully productive.

Finally, a DaaS solution that makes everyone happy.

Keep remote workers productive without compromising security. Make BYOD secure and manageable with minimum effort. Enable secure access from managed and unmanaged devices.

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