The first solution enabling organizations to instantly create and deploy local virtual environments on any workstation and manage them from the cloud

The Hysolate Difference

Strong VM-based

Deployable on a mass
scale in minutes

Does not require installing and
managing an additional OS image

Has no data
center costs

Hyper-Isolated Security

Strong VM-based isolation supported with fine-grained controls, host compliance checks, and advanced security features.

IP and domain-name network
firewall rules

Fine-grained clipboard
(copy/paste/file transfer) policies

USB / webcam / printer
security controls

BitLocker encryption of Workspace
user data

Remote Workspace
wiping / locking

Keystroke capturing and
injection prevention

Screen capturing prevention

Anti-tampering capabilities
protecting the integrity of
the Workspace OS

Non-persistent OS keeps the OS

Management Console

All endpoints are fully managed from a
multi-tenant, cloud-based management platform

Flexible provisioning

User and device provisioning is done remotely through the platform or via an integration with an Identity Provider (e.g. Azure Active Directory)

Easy app bundling

Easily package and deploy apps during
and after initial deployment

Fast onboarding

Begin deploying in minutes, without installing any backend server infrastructure

Full control

Robust policies to govern end users'
device behavior

Optimized for Manageability

The virtual and isolated environments that are deployed on users’ endpoints are fully managed remotely with a robust and fine grained set of networking, clipboard and data security policies

User Experience

Local, high-performance user experience supports more intuitive interactions and greater productivity than remote virtual desktops.

Workspace is a simple and
intuitive extension of the user’s

Friendly user invitation and
onboarding process, no training

Switching to the Workspace
environment is easy with a simple

The workspace’s user experience is
consistent with all regional
settings from the user’s primary

Workspace has simplified folders,
settings, and start menu options
(all customizable)

Website and document redirection


Quick and simple deployment

Fully-distributed design enables cost-effective scaling across the enterprise.

Full turnkey solution deployed
at scale with little effort

Installer is provisioned either from the workspace
cloud or through off-the-shelf silent installation
solutions (SCCM, Intune, Airwatch, etc.)

Endpoint is deployed through a lightweight

Does not require installing or managing a
new OS image