Create an Isolated Workspace on Endpoints

With Hysolate you can instantly deploy a local isolated workspace on user endpoints, and manage it from the cloud. Ensure enterprise access is secure, by design.

  • The Hysolate Difference

    • A fully secure, isolated virtual environment for sensitive corporate access
    • A cloud-managed admin console with granular policies for each team
    • The native user experience of running locally on your user’s endpoint
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  • Isolated and Secure Icon

    Isolated and Secure

    With Hysolate, whatever happens inside the VM cannot affect the underlying OS. Hysolate keeps applications and data completely separate between the user’s host operating system and the Hysolate Workspace, essentially splitting a user’s device into two isolated zones, each running in its own OS.

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  • Cloud Managed Icon

    Cloud Managed

    The Hysolate Workspace is fully managed from the cloud using a multi-tenant management console. The Hysolate management console allows administrators to provision new users and devices, design fine grained policies that are assigned to users and granularly monitor user and Workspace activity.

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  • Native User Experience Icon

    Native User Experience

    Hysolate provides a local UX that doesn't depend on the network conditions & can even be used offline. The Workspace OS looks like a separate desktop on the same endpoint device, consistent with the user’s primary environment, with time, language, and regional settings always in-sync. In addition, user data can be made persistent.

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Why Hysolate

Hysolate enables organizations to create trusted endpoints that are secure by design. 

With Hysolate you can isolate secure enterprise access with an isolated virtual workspace that runs on the endpoint, and is fully managed from the cloud. 

This secure by design architecture splits the endpoint into two isolated workspaces, providing IT and Security management with peace of mind, without compromising user productivity.

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Case Study

How Midwest Independent Bankers Bank used Hysolate to allow employees to safely access the web from secured devices.

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