Secure Access to Company’s Network for Extended Workforces

Enable contractors to securely access corporate applications and data from any device

  • Secure worry-free vendor access
  • Fast and seamless onboarding and offboarding
  • Easy & cost-effective IT management

Secure worry-free vendor access

Hysolate provides a malware-free workspace with enforced endpoint security measures that are automatically installed. Corporate data is contained on any device in an isolated environment and cannot be exfiltrated. Contingent workers enjoy a fast and native-like user experience when accessing corporate systems through the workspace, and continue to perform their personal activities directly from their device with no worries.

Fast and seamless onboarding and offboarding

In just one click, a secure, fully isolated workspace is provisioned. Contractors are on board fast and get access to the apps and data they need to kickstart their partnership with you. Similarly, when they’ve completed their contracts they are offboarded just as smoothly. IT teams can closely manage and mitigate potential risks while enabling business-as-usual. Hysolate makes it simple for IT teams to execute both processes and keep the pace with an ever-changing outsourced workforce.

Easy & cost-effective IT management

Gone are the days when IT had to give a laptop for each contractor or auditor who needed it to perform a specific task over a specific time. With Hysolate, IT can simply provide secure role-based access to an isolated environment that sits locally on the user’s device. With centralized governance, cost-effective scaling across all endpoints, and no need for special operating system licenses as demand grows, security has never been easier. IT teams quickly spin up the environment with the lightweight Hysolate agent across devices, personal and corporate alike, and spin it down just as quickly when no longer necessary. It’s as easy as that.

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