Hysolate Enables Secure Remote Access

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic more people than ever are working from home to physically isolate themselves and prevent cross contamination. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to enable workers to remain productive while not in a physical office. However, special considerations should be made to secure those remote workers.

The achilles heel of a remote workforce are the endpoints that remote workers use to connect to corporate and hyper-sensitive environments. Endpoints are vulnerable, especially when they’re being used in less-controlled networking environments like homes, libraries, and coffee shops. In some cases, remote workers are allowed to connect from their personal laptops, but this introduces risk as these devices do not normally have the necessary security controls and can be easily compromised in a variety of ways.

Hysolate provides innovative and secure workstation software solutions that allows remote workers the ability to instantly connect into corporate environments via a secure and isolated operating system. The solutions deliver complete OS separation and isolation to ensure that even if their general operating system is compromised, the corporate operating system will remain intact.

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