Securing Contractor Remote Access

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  • The Problem

    In today’s dynamic work environment, companies are constantly turning to consultants and contractors to complement and augment their workforce. One of the biggest challenges around engaging with such parties is granting them secure and compliant access to corporate systems, applications and data. Many companies have decided to either provide contractors with corporate issued laptops or in some cases to spin up a virtual desktop for these contractors and grant them access to this environment from the contractors’ own endpoint. Issuing a contractor with a corporate laptop is costly, is very labor intensive and can takes time to provision and ship it to the contractor. On the other hand, giving the contractor direct access to a virtual desktop or other corporate SaaS applications come with security concerns around data leakage and account takeover, due to potential malware on the contractors’ device.

  • The Solution

    Using Hysolate organizations can instantly deploy a Hysolate Workspace - an isolated virtual OS, on the contractor’s endpoint and allow them to access their corporate systems only from this environment. The Workspace can be pre provisioned with all the required applications and security controls that are required for the contractor to connect to and work in the corporate environment. At the end of the contractor’s engagement the Hysolate Workspace can be instantly deprovisioned remotely without leaving any data on the contractor’s device.

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  • This isolated environment can be provisioned remotely in less than 5 minutes so contractors can be up and running instantly rather than waiting for dedicated hardware in days.

  • This Hysolate Workspace can be completely isolated from the host. This includes restricting it at the network level to only be able to connect via VPN, Zero Trust or other methods to the corporate network or applications.

  • Any transfer of data between the Hysolate Workspace and the contractor’s host OS can be completely prohibited and even screen capturing from the host will be denied, completely preventing any data loss or leakage.

  • No data is left on the contractor’s device after their contract has been terminated.

  • A local experience that is not dependent on network conditions, including support for corporate video conferencing.

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