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A freelance Sr Product Designer

Location: Tel Aviv

About The Position

*This position is a freelance position, with a work scope of about one day a week*

In Hysolate, we develop software-defined endpoints, which provide security by design, by seamlessly running two or three operating systems on a single PC. Hysolate takes pride in its seamless experience, which is why we make a significant investment in designing awesome and intuitive user experience.

As a UX designer for Hysolate you will work on user experience for the Hysolate endpoint, providing users with their familiar laptop experience while providing them with seamless access to two separate environments/personas, and on the Hysolate management console, which is a web-based IT management system.

You will be required to design the UX for endpoint users’ day-to-day tasks in a simple and intuitive way, taking into consideration the underlying technology and architecture.

You will also be asked to make the life of the Hysolate administrator simpler, by providing awesome UX on the Hysolate admin console.


  • 5+ years’ experience in UX/UI design, with at least 2 years designing complex products 
  • Proven ability to transform complex tasks into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use designs
  • Proven ability to support the design and development process through delivering wireframes, rough sketches, and animated prototypes
  • Ability to deliver pixel-perfect designs - an advantage
  • Data visualization (an advantage)
  • BA/MA degree in a relevant field (an advantage)
  • Ability to openly collaborate with various stakeholders in a dynamic team.
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken

Also required - a proven experience in the following domains, which must be demonstrated through a portfolio of UX designs: 

At least one of the following:

  • Desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS), or desktop OS applications
  • Mobile operating systems (Android / iOS), or mobile OS applications 

At least one of the following:

  • Web-based management system
  • Web-delivered SaaS product

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