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  • How to Harden Endpoints While Keeping Users Productive

    How can enterprises marry security & business productivity needs on endpoints? I will discuss different approaches including endpoint isolation. The Challenge   Enterprises, big and small, often need a high grade of endpoint security to comply with industry regulations, client requirements, or simply to prevent disruption to the business and protect internal sensitive information from … Continued

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  • It’s Time to Unlock Workspaces and Unleash Productivity

    It’s no secret that cyber attackers overwhelmingly target corporate endpoints. After all, they’re the gateway to the network and all that it contains. In 2019, 68% of IT security professionals said their company experienced endpoint attacks that compromised data or IT infrastructure. Since COVID-19 hit, that number just keeps growing. May and June 2020 alone … Continued

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  • Is it time for Work 2.0 ?

    If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably already heard about “unified endpoint management”, “enterprise mobility management”, the “digital workplace”, and other related buzzwords. However, the way we provide a work space to employees hasn’t significantly changed in the last decade. It still mainly consists of some mix of the following approaches: Corporate-owned PCs: providing a … Continued

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  • How CISOs can Make WFH Frictionless and Secure

    A few weeks ago, Hysolate was honored to host a series of roundtables about COVID-19 challenges and implications at GDS Group’s Security Insight Summit. Can you guess what CISOs and IT execs said their biggest struggle has been? Enabling their workforces to effectively work from home.   For many companies, WFH has meant a total 180 … Continued

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  • Living in a post-perimeter era

    Everybody’s talking about the post-perimeter era – an era in which there is no longer a distinction between being inside the perimeter of the organization or outside of it. In this new era, our personal devices mix access to sensitive, corporate and personal data. The conventional thinking is that because services and apps have moved … Continued

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  • Finding the Balance with Windows Local Administrator Rights

    As a systems administrator, it has always been a difficult struggle to balance Microsoft User Rights Assignments in the Windows Operating System. Too much access on a file system is dangerous, while not enough causes subsequent tickets created at a help-desk. An equilibrium of supportability and security is ideal, yet seldom achieved. Windows Local Administrator … Continued

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  • Did Cyber Terror Win?

    I hate airport security. The endless lines. Taking off your shoes. And your jacket. And your belt.  Pulling all of your gadgets / laptops / tablets out of your bag, throwing away your toothpaste because it’s oversized, being scanned by mysterious scanners, being patted-down by strangers, answering security questions about your visit at 6AM after … Continued

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  • How to Stop Privileged Accounts From Being Compromised

    In recent years, enterprises have started to become much more aware of the importance of IT hygiene for privileged accounts. With so many public cases of hackers gaining access to critical resources and causing insurmountable damage, it’s hard to escape the reality of today’s ever-increasing cyberattacks. One prominent example is the attack on the Ukrainian … Continued

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