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  • The Problem with VDI

    By Tal Zamir. March 27, 2019

    Anyone who’s been in enterprise IT long enough has already heard of, tested or deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). And why not? The promises made by VDI vendors have been compelling, if not always accurate: cost savings, enabling bring your own device (BYOD), improving the user experience and business continuity,  amongst others. However, there is […]

  • Breaking VDI Security Myths

    By Tal Zamir. February 27, 2019

    CISOs and security professionals often refer to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and other “remote application” solutions as security barriers that hackers have a hard time bypassing. That’s a myth, and here’s why. Thin client scenarios are precarious.  These uses of VDI pose only a minor hurdle to determined cyber-criminals. An employee using a thin client […]