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Hysolate gives users the freedom that increases their productivity, without compromising security.

Enabling a Restriction-Free Experience

In recent years, users have faced increasing restrictions on end-user browsing, network connections, external devices and applications. This brings endless frustration to users, since their ability to innovate and stay connected is significantly hindered. With Hysolate, you can completely free your users without compromising security.

Before and After

Without Hysolate, endpoints present a lose-lose situation in which you must choose between security and productivity, but never get both. With Hysolate, users can have unlimited access to websites, apps, external devices and cloud services without endangering or compromising corporate assets.

Secure by Design

Runs below the operating system and built to withstand any OS-based threat, including tomorrow’s zero-day OS vulnerabilities.

A Natural Fit For Your Ecosystem

Future-proof architecture built to power any application or service, and compatible with your existing hardware.

Welcomes Third-Party Add-ons

Advanced security tools easily integrate with the Hysolate platform, enhancing your organization’s security posture.


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