Looking for VDI alternatives?

Great local user experience coupled with easy management

Quicker to set up

Only takes 5 minutes and requires no complex IT infrastructure

Superior User Experience

Which doesn't depend on network conditions, bandwidth, or latency

Save on Data Center

Dramatically lower costs, by design

User experience in real time

A very common solution for allowing corporate access is using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or a VDI. By using this solution, the user can access a virtual desktop that resides in a datacenter or a public cloud. Due to the fact that end users are remotely accessing a computer over the network, they are subjected to a very subpar user experience as they have no access to their remote virtual desktop when they are offline, when on a slow or choppy internet connection the rendering of their desktop can be interrupted leading to a “non-realtime” user experience.

The Hysolate Difference

Hysolate VDI
Data center costs None Real-estate, compute, storage (!), networking
IT Personnel requirements Limited Significant - Data center and VDI infra maintenance
Implementation time Days Months (or more)
User experience Local/Native - no latency Remote - high latency
Conferencing experience Native Limited
Offline work Possible Not possible
Scalability Distributed solution with infinite scalability Requires infrastructure expansion
Anti-keylogging/ anti-screenshot Depends on vendor
Granular DLP (USB, printer, clipboard) Depends on vendor

Addressing VDI Challenges with Hysolate Isolated Workspace as a Service

Get a local isolated operating system running on their machine deployed within minutes which is managed from the cloud.

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