Replace Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure (VDI)


Hysolate delivers the productivity and high security that are impossible to achieve with VDI solutions.

Busting the VDI Myth

Businesses that use virtual desktop infrastructure to secure remote, server-hosted information are putting that information at risk and hurting user productivity. Security suffers because desktop virtualization does not isolate remote resources from the endpoint devices used to access them. Cyber criminals can easily infiltrate those devices. Once they control the end-user’s device, they control the VDI operating system and resources. User productivity takes a hit because VDI sessions require an active network connection with sufficient bandwidth to the VDI server. They don’t allow offline work and, when online, performance is often visibly slow.

Locally Protect Sensitive Information and Increase User Productivity

Hysolate enables users to securely access and run sensitive information in a locked-down virtual machine on their laptops – not on remote servers. The sensitive VM runs alongside a VM that’s open to internet access and day-to-day work — and both virtual environments are fully and completely isolated from each other. Any malware that reaches the open VM is completely contained within it. Your users can effectively work both online and offline, without restrictions or lag times hampering productivity.

Secure by Design

Runs below the operating system and built to withstand any OS-based threat, including tomorrow’s zero-day OS vulnerabilities.

A Natural Fit For Your Ecosystem

Future-proof architecture built to power any application or service, and compatible with your existing hardware.

Welcomes Third-Party Add-ons

Advanced security tools easily integrate with the Hysolate platform, enhancing your organization’s security posture.


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